Exercise and Autism: Why Is It Important?

For people of all ages and backgrounds, physical fitness is essential for the development of greater independence, health & quality of life. This is especially true for adults with autism and other disabilities. For these individuals, movement and fitness can be the gateway towards optimal development, greater physical skill, increased socialization, and independence. Unfortunately, commercial gyms and other exercise programs often do not meet their needs.

How Live Work Learn Helps Promote Fitness for Autistic Adults

We facilitate access to training and information that provides an understanding of how fitness relates specifically to individuals with ASD. These methods are adaptable across a range of physical abilities, to make movement fun and accessible for individuals with autism.

Past Projects

In October 2019, we worked with the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region and Ring Around the Spectrum to bring the Autism Fitness® team to New York. They lead a Level 1 Certification training program and a special night for parents and caregivers.

Attendees of this training now providing fitness training:

Additional Recommended Fitness Training:



Current Projects

We are currently partnering with Bring On The Spectrum to assist a neurodiverse young man with a grant to pay for the Autism Fitness® certification, and personalized coaching and support as he works through the course materials.

Our founder, Joyce Morris, became certified in Autism Fitness® in 2023! We are excited to bring this further knowledge to new partnership opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about bringing adaptable fitness programs into your community.

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