At Live Work Learn, we believe that recreation and play are not just for kids; they’re essential for enriching the lives of adults too. Through play, we can build new friendships, practice skills, and try new things to learn what we like and dislike. Group games offer an opportunity for individuals with and without disabilities to connect and work together, building bigger lives for everyone involved.

Community Partnership with Inclusible:

We often partner with a local expert in play, Inclusible LLC. Together we host “Inclusible Games” events for adults of all interests and abilities. These events feature entry level games (with support as needed) to get beginners going, as well as popular conventional games for experienced, independent players.

Participants come with friends or to make friends and enjoy group games, card games, board games and even puzzles. More experienced players can lend a hand to beginner players and learn leadership skills along the way.

About Diane Guendel, Founder of Inclusible

Diane Guendel is an educator with degrees Early Childhood, Elementary & Special Education. Her second career is founder & CEO of Inclusible LLC with the mission to build community through play and games. “Inclusible” means suitable for inclusion. Diane believes when we provide spaces, activities & supports, all community members can be included to the benefit of our entire, diverse community.

Let’s Play!

We are currently running a Play Program with Inclusible at Bring on the Spectrum, with Living Resources and Wildwood groups among the attendees. Diane is also launching a group home play program with the Center for Disability Services.

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